Episode 97:The Digital Future

On this week’s episode, Jenna talks about some hot technology trends happening now and in the future.  She shares stories about how tricky mobile measuring can be and one solution from Google Analytics, the pros and cons of the cross platform mobile app, as well as why your association might need a data scientist sooner than you think. She also talks about the next trends in cloud computing.

Data Scientists are the New Rock Stars as Big Data Demands Big Talent

7 Things to Look before Picking Your Data Discovery Vendor

Mobile Measurement: Let’s Clear the Air(waves)

Benefits and Disadvantages of Developing Cross-Platform Mobile Apps

SDN and going “beyond the cloud” top digital trends for 2013, says Accenture

Episode 96: Optimize Mobile and Create Data Magic

This week, Jenna discusses how important it is to use the right data to help your association understand your members.  Finding the right data is key for providing optimal insight.   Also in this episode learn how to create the best mobile experience for your members with six simple changes for members on the go, and what three main characteristics are the difference between a great mobile experience and the pain of a root canal. Finally, ASAE Annual kicks off August 3rd in Atlanta, and there’s still time to sign register!

New Mobile Series: Best Practices in Association Technology
Online Community Resource: Engagement Success Kit
6 Mobile Email Optimization Tips for Nonprofits
Mobile Digital: Are You Giving Customers a Root Canal or a Great Experience?
The Magic of Finding and Presenting Compelling Data
Live From ASAE

Episode 95: Do You Need A Chief Digital Officer?

This week, Jenna discusses the benefits and drawbacks of a Chief Digital Officer in your association. The Chief Digital Officer from National League of Cities shares why his association decided to expand his position.  In this episode also learn the twelve traits of being data driven and how your association can learn from big companies like United Healthcare and Macys who are using big data to enhance the experience with their brands. Other stories featured include new  ways to support your mobile staff and how the 8-Character password might be less foolproof than you’d think.

Do Brands Need A Chief Digital Officer?
Are You Data Driven? Take A Hard Look In The Mirror
Big Companies Making Big Bets On Big Data
Learning Mobility
The 8-Character Password Is No Longer Secure

Episode 94: Reaching the Mobile Member

This week, Jenna shares stories on how your organization can leverage mobile to create better relationships with your constituents.  This includes utilizing responsive design, focusing on the right CRM priorities and using a multichannel video strategy. She also shares resources on using predictive analytics for decision making and what social production means for your association.

Five Tips for Responsive Web Design
What’s Hot In CRM 2013: Strong Interest In Mobile For Streamlining Sales And Service
BI drastically transforming decision-making
Mobility Drives Multichannel Video Strategies
“Social Production” – The Economy of the Future

Episode 93:Take flight with new social media tools

On this week’s episode learn what valuable insights into your online marketing efforts your association can gain by building better dashboards. Also find out what joint venture your IT and Marketing department need to form, why your customer service department needs to be on Twitter and how JetBlue airlines can help your own organization soar to new heights with social media.

How Business Intelligence and Online Marketing (Should) Intertwine
Marketing Has a Bad Case of Technology Vertigo, and IT Needs to Help
Can You Hear the Tweets?
5 Keys to jetBlue’s Social Media Engagment
Why #Instagram Can’t Be Ignored
Interview: Online Video: Script to Strategy

Episode 92: Apps that increase IT productivity

On this week’s episode, Jenna explains why marketers are from Mars, how to engage the seven popular types of social media followers and why the company website is making a comeback. She also provides 10 pieces of advice for nonprofit tech leaders, provided by IT Director at NTEN, Karl Hedstrom.

Marketers are from Mars
Seven Types of Social Media Fans and How to Engage With Them
The Company Website Is Making a Comeback
Seven apps that will help make IT pros more productive
Advice for Aspiring Nonprofit Tech Leaders
Life after Google Reader: GigaOM’s guide to the best options